120E Solenoid-Operated Deadlatch

TYPE: Swing Door Lock
STYLE: Solenoid Operated

The 120E is a solenoid operated pin tumbler lock for a variety of swing door applications, such as inmate rooms, housing and dayroom perimeter doors, corridors, and exterior doors.

Product Information

Case Side
Cover Side
Both Sides
(See Handing Chart)

Control & Monitoring:
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Latch retracts by momentary switch action or latch may remain retracted by continuous duty solenoid.
Mechanical Holdback (Standard) - Once unlocked, the latch-bolt is held retracted until the door opens. The latch-bolt then projects and allows the door to be slammed and relocked.
Non-Holdback (Optional) - Latch-bolt retracts only as long as power is applied to the solenoid.
Knob Release (Optional) - Opposite side of cylinder provides retraction of latch-bolt at any time.
Local Electric Key (Optional) - Electrically unlocks dead-latch by key at cylinder.
Cylinder Extension (Optional) - Extends cylinder through frame. Available in 3", 5" or custom length.

Product Specifications

* Solenoid - 120 VAC 60 Hz
* Reinforced Back-plate - 1/2" Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* 10 Gauge Steel - Zinc Plated Case & Cover
* Latch-bolt - Two Hardened Pin Inserts
* Roller-bolt - Stainless Steel Roller
* Strike - Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Deadlock Lever - Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Operating Lever - Zinc Plated Steel
* Springs - Stainless Steel

Product Features

120 VAC Solenoid
1" Throw Latch-bolt
Deadlock Indicator Switch
Heavy Duty Construction
Corrosive Resistant Parts
External Mounting Holes
Manual Key Release
Easy Wiring Field Plug
Investment Cast Strike Plate
Field Plug Connector

Optional Features:
Brushed Aluminum finish