400MC Motor-Operated Deadlatch

TYPE: Swing Door Lock
STYLE: Motor Operated
KEY TYPE: Builder's Hardware

The 400MC is a motor operated pin tumbler lock for a variety of swing door applications, such as inmate rooms, housing and dayroom perimeter doors, corridors and some exterior doors.

Product Information

Case Side
Cover Side
Both Sides

Latch retracts and remains retracted by first position of two-position switch. Latch projects for relocking by second position of two-position switch.

A Choice of:
Mechanical Holdback (Optional) - Once unlocked, the latchbolt is held retracted until the door opens. The latchbolt then projects and allows the door to be slammed and relocked.
Non-Holdback (Standard) - Latch retracts only through the full cycle operation or is held back through half cycle operation.
Knob Release (Optional) - Opposite side of cylinder provides retraction of latchbolt at any time.
Local Electric Key (Optional) - Electrically unlocks deadlatch by key at cylinder.

Product Specifications

* Motor - 24 VDC
* Reinforced Backplate - Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Latchbolt - Two Hardened Steel Pin Inserts
* Strike - Stainless Steel
* Deadlock Lever - Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Operating Lever - Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Springs - Stainless Steel

Product Features

24 VDC Motor
1" Throw Latchbolt
Deadlock Indicator Switch
Heavy Duty Construction
Corrosive Resistant Parts
Manual Key Release
Easy Wiring Field Plug
Stainless Steel Strike Plate