30 Mechanical Hookbolt

TYPE: Sliding Door Lock
STYLE: Surface or Pocket Mount
KEY: Paracentric

The 30 series Mechanical Hookbolt is a sliding door lock for use on cell door, corridor door, dayroom door and dormitory door applications. The 30 is also suitable for control cabinets and storage rooms.

Product Information

Available 5 or 6 Tumbler
Case Side
Cover Side
Both Sides

The 30 Series deadlock is hookbolt lock recommended for sliding doors, such as cell doors or applications where manual deadlocking is desired.

The 30 Series deadlocks by key only. The lock is operated by a paracentric key which lifts the hookbolt to unlock the door.

Additional Features

1/2" Hookbolt
3/16" Steel Cover
Heavy Duty Cast Case
Corrosive Resistant Parts
Heavy Duty Brass Tumblers
All Zinc Plated Exterior
Investment Cast Key Cylinder

30KP - Keeper with mounting screws
30SW - Keeper switch with mounting screws
30DB - Keeper and dust box with mounting screws
30SF - Surface mounted keeper with mounting screws