1200M "D Case" Motor-Operated Deadlatch

TYPE: Swing Door Lock
STYLE: Motor Operated

The 1200M deadlatch is motor operated lock. When the door in a locked closed condition, the latchbolt is deadlocked preventing the latchbolt from being retracted. Once the motor is energized, the deadlatch is lifted and the latchbolt is allowed to retract, unlocking the lock.

The motor is equipped with a motor switch that allows for a full cycle operation. Full cycle (M) operation uses a momentary contact switch to rotate the motor 360 degrees and unlock the lock. Once the door opens, the latch will project and the lock will return to a locked condition once the door is closed. Full cycle typically uses the “Mechanical Holdback" feature as described below.

The deadlock indicator switch provides monitoring of the deadlocked condition as well as the full projection of the latchbolt.

When ordering, the full cycle lock is usually specified as having “Mechanical Holdback," which allows the bolt to be retracted until the door opens.

Product Information

Case Side
Cover Side
Both Sides

Latch retracts by momentary switch action or latch may remain retracted by continuous duty motor.
Mechanical Holdback (Standard) - Once unlocked, the latchbolt is held retracted until the door opens. The latchbolt then projects and allows the door to be slammed and relocked.
Non-Holdback (Optional) - Latchbolt retracts only through full cycle operation.

Product Specifications

* Solenoid - 120 VAC, 60 Hz
* Full Cycle Motor - 120 VAC, 60 Hz
* Full Cycle Motor - 24 VDC
* Half Cycle Motor - 120 VAC, 60 Hz
* Half Cycle Motor - 24 VDC
* Key Cylinder - Mogul
* Reinforced Backplate - ¼" Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* 10 Gauge Steel - Zinc Plated Case & Cover
* Latchbolt - Tool Resistant Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Rollerbolt - Tool Resistant Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Strike Plate - Investment Cast Stainless Steel
* Deadlock Lever - ¼" Zinc Plated Steel
* Operating Lever - ¼" Zinc Plated Steel
* Springs - Stainless Steel

Product Features

¾" Throw Latchbolt
Investment Cast Backplate
Universal Cylinder Collar(s)
Deadlock Indicator Switch
Heavy Duty Construction
Corrosive Resistant Parts
External Mounting Plate
Manual Key Release
Easy Wiring Field Plug